City Taxi Driver 2016: Real Cab simulator Game

City Taxi Driver 2016: Real Cab simulator Game

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City Taxi Driver 2016: Real Cab simulator Game

City Taxi Driver 2016: Real Cab simulator Game

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Heard a lot about the crazy taxi and the mad cab driver, here the street cabby is quite sober, but we can’t say the same about the passengers, specially on weekend nights in this car simulator game, top in taxi games. Staying on the road for longer hours, and some crazy idiots are trying to take you with their racing intention or you have to race to get the job done just in time, can be very hectic at times. You have to watch out for police not to book you in no car parking slot or come against a trucker for some insane impossible adventure on city road with all the traffic, thinking that they are fast track, meant for speed.
Taxi driving is a tough business, when you want to drive a night shift, or you want to make some extra cash on the weekends. passengers are waiting anxiously, you are racing against time, at the same time you might have to race against some lousy car drivers on city street. The challenges you face as a city taxi driver are immense in this taxi simulator 2016 game. The passengers are drunk, in some cases they are unable to talk. As a pro Cabby have to find your way out of all these circumstances. Hints are given to you during this taxi games to avoid some of these unavoidable taxi driver circumstances in this 3d simulator 2017.
Meanwhile as a day cabbie/cabby, you are dealing with sober clients, but they are in city taxi car rush most of the time, as they are running late to their work in one of the best taxi driving simulator of 2017. Some of them are running late, as they have to catch an early morning flight, so show some unique cabby skills in the morning peak hours in this taxi racing game 3d. Airport cab are supposed to go to taxi rank, rather than car parking, not to get booked by police on the airport street, and ending up paying hefty fines, which is impossible for anyone.
Some crazy taxi driver are driving on the city road, as they own all the city street to themselves. Show respect to the other traffic, to avoid impossible and unavoidable issues with the police force, and may be city rangers as parking enforcement officers, as the road is there to share and stay away from all these issues and enjoy this taxi game 2017.
• Stunning 3D city, suburban and Airport environment, looks great when you drive through it as airport taxi driver.
• Great animations, and live conversation.
• FM radio available to you as taxi driver to keep the passengers happy.
• Realistic Airport Environment of flights landing and takeoff, if you are a keen airport taxi driver.
• One of the best cab game of all the taxi games on the store.
• Extremely smooth controls.
• Detailed map and direction available for the new cab driver.
• Lots of cab models available.
• Smart traffic system and traffic rules to be obeyed.
• Thrilling taxi driving experience.



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