Tuk Tuk Chingchi Rickshaw Sim

Tuk Tuk Chingchi Rickshaw Sim

Size 30.9MB

Tuk Tuk Chingchi Rickshaw Sim

Tuk Tuk Chingchi Rickshaw Sim

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In tuk tuk chingchi rickshaw Simulator you can actually drive the chingchi rickshaw. Now join the cultural tradition and enjoy the ride of a fancy and modern chingchi rickshaw in a huge attractive city. Play as the driver of the decorative chingchi rickshaw and pick up locals and pedestrians and drop them off at their destinations. Also pick up tourists and drop them off at beautiful locations in the city. Remember that time is your only and only priority. Always drop city people at time, if time bar runs counts down to zero, your mission will fail. This is not like other games which bores you and makes you feel like 5 mints means 5 hours. But it is like those crazy taxi or parking simulator games that kills time. This time killer comes free of cost just hit the install button and enjoy driving rickshaw in a striking city.
The environment is just as amazing as your imaginations. There are beautiful roads with fountains, street signs, traffic signs and much more. The surroundings at all are very attractive and lovable. In this rickshaw parking game, we have developed levels that bring out your driving instincts. In every level we test your driving instincts such as accelerating, handling, and parking. Your auto has amazing controls with updates features such as; acceleration paddle, smooth handle control, fancy decorations on rickshaw body, amazing sound effects, high quality graphics and advanced vehicle physics so you can enjoy your time while playing this game. So what are you waiting for, download the best rickshaw sim and get the thrill of driving the tuk tuk rickshaw in city traffic. Tuk tuk auto rickshaw game has never been this simpler and amazing before.



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