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Teen Patti Playing Style: Static and Dynamic Styles

(Editor:Max 8/12/2015)
Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!
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Table 3 shows 5 playing styles. Some of the playing styles can be described as static, whereas others can be called an adjusted style. Generally speaking, the passive styles tend to be static. The majority of players who employ static styles will be inclined to play the same style and won’t adjust to the playing style of their opponents.
Excluding maniacs, the aggressive styles tend to be dynamic. This means that these players will adjust their strategy to suit the game dynamic of the table. For example, a player who typically plays TAG might employ a tighter strategy if there are several maniacs and showdown monkeys at the table.
For example, at a table with a lot of loose players and multi-way pots, a TAG may change to playing tighter and more passively. He will still be be aggressive with his strong hands. However, his aggression will decrease with his bad hands when there are showdown monkeys and maniacs in the hand. This is because the TAG will know that it is difficult to get loose-passive and maniac players to pack. In contrast, NITs and calling stations are more inclined to stick to their style.

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