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(Editor:Roger 8/13/2015)
Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!
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“Position” is important in teen patti. The value of position depends on the rules of the game that you are playing in.
All of the seats are counted in relative to the Dealer. The Dealer is position 0. All of the positions to the right of the Dealer are numbered in terms of how far to the right the position is relative to the dealer. The first player on the dealer’s right is termed “Dealer + 1”. The second position on the Dealer’s right is termed “Dealer + 2” etc. When you are first to act in the betting rounds, you should play tight the further away that you are from the dealer. The exceptions are if you are in the 3 seats to the right of the dealer in games where you can bet or raise to steal the antes.
Let’s say that you are in the Dealer + 7 seat and Dealer + 8 has packed. As such, you are first to act on the first betting round. If you don’t have a particularly strong hand, you should pack. The reason that you should play tight is because there are a lot players left to act. You don’t have any information about their hands. If you refer to Table 1, you will see that a pair of 2s has under a 13.3% chance of winning at an 8 handed table. If you have the smallest possible colour, you just have a 52.9% probability of winning against all of the other hands at the table. While I’m not recommending that you pack a colour, you should be careful with low pairs in this spot. In fact, you should pack your baby pairs if there are several players still to act. For example, you are in the Dealer + 2 seat and everyone packs to you. There are only 2 players remaining who haven’t looked at their hand. Your probability of winning against 2 players will be identical to being the first player to act at a 3 handed table. Let’s say that you have a pair of 2s. If you look at Table 2, a pair of 2s has a 56.5% probability of winning at a 3 handed table. In this case, you can bet. You should be aware that, if you are first to act and you bet in the Dealer + 8 position, a pair of 2s just has a 13.3% chance of being the top hand. In contrast, if you are first in, from the Dealer + 2 position, your pair of 2s has a 56.5% chance of being the top hand.
Therefore, you should measure the strength of your hand relative to your position at the table.
The main setback, with being the first player to enter the pot from an early betting position, is the absence of information on the other players. Let’s say you bet in early position. By the time the betting gets back round to you, there may be 2 NITs in the pot. When you have a pair of 2s, you shouldn’t feel confident about your hand when 2 tight players are in the pot.

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