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Hand Ranges: Taking Position into Account

(Editor:Sylvia 8/14/2015)
Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!
Image result for Table 4 Chances of winning a pot when all the hands are dealt face up
The hand ranges that you should play, depends on your position and the kinds of players that are entering the pot. The number of players that may enter the pot is also important. If there are several of loose passive players at the table, you have to understand that you will usually only win by showing down a hand. Consequently, you should only play hands that have a realistic chance of winning the pot. If, on average, 4 players are entering the pot, you need at least a 25% chance of your hand being winning. In the 2nd column of table above, the figures represent the break even percentage of time that you are required to win a pot when you are playing random hands that are dealt face up. This is just for illustrative purposes to determine what kind of hand you need to break even against various numbers of players. As such, there is no gambling going on. The players put money in and the player with the winning hand takes all the money. Column 3 shows the estimated hand rank that you need, to break even. For instance, when you have king high and you are against a single player who has not seen his cards, you will do slightly better than break even by playing.

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