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Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!
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When early position players enter the pot, their hand ranges are likely to be strong.
If you raise, first in from Dealer + 3, and everyone packs apart from the Dealer, you are facing a weaker range. The dealer may be lucky and have a strong hand. However, he could also have a weak hand. In this situation, the dealer might just call because he will know that you are a late position, first in, caller. He will be aware that you might have called because there are only 3 players to act. He will also know that you will win the antes if he folds. Therefore, if he is an astute player, he will know that your hand range might not be that strong either. He also knows he can get a showdown if he wants. In addition, he knows he only has to beat one player to win the pot.
In a late position versus dealer situation, the bottom of both players’ ranges may be weak.
The above situations are how you should weigh up a hand against a regular, such as a NIT, LAG or TAG. In contrast, if you call from Dealer + 8 and a calling station calls from Dealer + 7, you should not make the same interpretation. The calling station will have a better than random hand.
However, calling stations do not make judgements based on the table dynamics.
They simply look at their own hand and decide whether they want to play it.
There are many factors to consider.
Your default play should just be to stay out of trouble in the Dealer + 6 – Dealer +9 positions.
In these situations, you should just play with hands that give you a convincing advantage over the break even percentage that you need to win. You must understand though that if you play with a low pair and you get any serious opposition, your low pair is probably beaten.
If the resistance is from a LAG, you might be winning the hand. However, this will depend on where the LAG called your bet from. For example, if you entered the pot from the Dealer + 8 position and the LAG called from Dealer + 7, he probably has a genuine hand.

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