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Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!
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LAGs like to bluff; however, they choose their spots to bluff shrewdly.
The Dealer + 7 spot is not a good spot to plan a bluff from. The reason for this is because there is already one caller and there are 6 players yet to act. The LAG knows nothing about these players’ hands, which makes this a poor position from which to plan a bluff.
If you called first in from Dealer + 2 and a LAG decided to get involved in the pot from Dealer + 1 or Dealer position, this might be a spot that a LAG might feel that he could bluff from. A bet from Dealer + 2 might be an attempt to collect the antes, with a weak hand. As such, a LAG might believe that he can win this pot with a mediocre hand.
In the later positions, between Dealer + 5 and the Dealer position, you should play more hands. This is because, there are less players left to act. Additionally, you can win from these positions with by everyone packing and by bluffing.
You have more ways to win from later positions.
Calling Hand Ranges after one player has entered the pot
Your decision should depend on where the first caller came from. If the call came from early position, you should only call with very strong hands against a tight player. If a calling station has entered the pot, you should call (or raise if the rules permit) with your strong hands. Against a calling station, your hand doesn’t have to be as strong as when you are against a tight player. As mentioned earlier, calling stations do not tend to adjust their play by position.

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