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Teen Patti is the card game which recently has became very popular in India. you can download it free from 9game!


Turns come in clockwise manner. The player after the one who dealt the card has to make the move first. Moves include putting a bet amount, raising it or folding cards. The least bet amount is equal to the Boot amount. This betting process moves in clockwise manner until all the players but one fold, or a show is declared to end the game.

Blinds and Seen

After the cards are distributed, players can either see their cards or declare blind (they don't get to see the cards). Seeing their cards means betting on what they know. No seeing or staying as blind in game means the players do not know what cards they have but are betting on it. After a Blind playing player makes the move with a bet amount, the next seen player has to put a bet amount that is double of that of the Blind players bet. Players who have declared blind can bet half the amount of the Seen players bet, if they want.
For example: The current bet amount is 4 chips for Seen players. Blind players can make their betting move with just 2 chips. If they make their move with 4 chips, then the Seen players who make their move after must bet in 8 chips or higher.

Side Shows

When a player's turn comes, he or she can call in for a side show. This is done after putting the bet amount. Side show is done with the player who bet before the side show caller. If the other player accepts the side show request, then both players privately compare their cards. The winner will keep the card and the player with the lower card has to fold. Sideshow is meant to reduce the number of players in the game. Players can choose not to side show their cards, which further contributes to the suspense.

Ending the Game

Bets are made continuously and sideshows reduce the number of players. The number of players will also be reduced by voluntary folds. Players can also fold after they run out of money. In this manner two players are left at the end. They can continue to make their bets. Once one of them think that it is enough, one out of the two players can declare a show. That means both the players will have to publicly show their cards. The winner takes it all.
A winner can also be declared at the end once all but one folds in the game. The final remaining player is declared as the winner.

Limiting the Game

Considering the fact that the game can get out of control when people just keep on betting. The game requires two people to reach a "Show" status but if there are more than three people who continuously bet, then the game can get out of hand. To limit the game for such situations, the upper limit of money on the total pot is declared. Suppose the upper limit is declared 1000 chips. In this case, if the total number of chips reaches 1000 then the game is forcefully ended or reaches a Show status. That means players have to reveal their cards and winner takes it all.
Another way to limit the game is declaring the highest possible amount that a player can bet on his turn. For example: the amount can be set as 50 chips for Seen players and by default in this case 25 chips for Blind players. This will constrain the bet amount. Unlimited bet amounts can also be set but that takes the game out of hand sometimes.

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